Registrations Now Open for Next Young Ambassador Chef

In 2023, Beef + Lamb New Zealand will be on the hunt for another Young Ambassador Chef to join the Beef + Lamb Hall of Fame and become the next emerging culinary rockstar on New Zealand’s food scene.

At the inaugural competition in 2021, young chefs Lyall Minhinnick, Ashley Knudsen and Sam Heaven battled it out in a beef and lamb cook-off which saw Sam Heaven crowned as the very first Beef + Lamb Young Ambassador Chef.

Sam, who now works at Oncore by Clare Smyth in Sydney, said he saw the competition as a great opportunity to continue to grow his career.

“Winning brought new opportunities to work with the senior Ambassador Chefs such as Phil Clark.  It helped me realise the path I wanted to be on and helped me pursue my dream of working with a Michelin-starred Chef.

“It also provided an opportunity to meet farmers and see first-hand how much care goes into creating the premium products that as a chef I like to work with.”

With hospitality still in recovery mode, Beef + Lamb New Zealand want to look to the future and provide inspiration for young chefs in New Zealand to get excited about their careers in the restaurant industry.

“It is exciting to be able to shine a spotlight on the new emerging talent coming into the industry. These young chefs are the future of New Zealand’s foodservice industry, and we can’t wait to showcase their talent,” commented Foodservice Manager, Lisa Moloney.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand will be looking for a talented young chef who wants to grow their culinary skills and shape their career by joining its four current Ambassador Chefs for 2023. The Beef + Lamb Young Ambassador will be someone who can showcase their passion for cooking with New Zealand beef and lamb and tell the paddock to plate story in an exciting and innovative way.

Applications will open in 2023 and young chefs around the country will be invited to put forward their best beef and lamb dishes. Entries will be whittled down to three finalists who will be invited to a live cook-off in Auckland with the current Beef + Lamb Ambassador Chefs, MacLean Fraser, BJ Sebastian, Cameron Davies and Andrew May on the judging panel.

Young chefs can register their interest to ensure they receive all the information they need by visiting