After many years of storing ideas of what she liked, Stephanie Reeves opened Red Eight Cafe in the heart of Kaiapoi. Reeves fell in love with all things patisserie and re-trained six years ago as a pastry chef. Previously she worked at the Crowne Plaza until the earthquake then Reality Bites in Bishopdale before she moved again to J'aime Les Macarons where she stayed for three years. "I had a ball creating some very cool patisserie items. Then decided the time had come to make my 20 year dream a reality," Reeves explained.

When Reeves began to look for locations and was pulled towards North Canterbury where she found her current site. The ne w cafe opened it's doors to the public on May 2nd after a long and delayed process of building since January. Reeves worked with Hazeldean Construction, Reeves says the team were very good at deciphering her drawings, descriptions and hand gestures.

The cafe is "industrial chic" designed by Reeves, she began with an industrial look but quickly realised it was in desperate need of some colour. She was heavily influenced by Little and Friday's tiled counters and finds that at least three people a day touch her brick wallpaper to see if it is real. Her aim for the cafe was to create a modernish, warm, welcoming place and finds that is a reflection of the food and coffee.

Currently, there are ten team members including part-timers that work together to create this. One of these team members is Abby Taylor who is the savoury chef. Taylor is also the ex-co-owner and head chef of Undergound Cafe in Sydenham.

Red Eight Cafe can found serving delicious cabinet food during the week and their brunch menu on Saturdays. The cabinet food was designed to make people indecisive, provoking customers to want to try four or five pieces.

"And that seems to be working. I just want beautiful and delicious but not too fine that people are scared off!" said Reeves. Reeves and Taylor where they include classic breakfast staples along with a few different options like their Chilli Eggs with Bechamal Sauce curated the brunch menu.