Wine Pops for the Auckland Summer

Newly opened Takapuna restaurant, The Lab, has unveiled a brand-new beverage to celebrate the start of summer – the wine pop.


Made out of sparkling wine, the pop features sweet peach flavouring and a dash of vodka for a real “melt-in-your-mouth” taste.


This isn’t the only new invention for The Lab, run by Sean Medway and Zeliha Kazankirn.


The restaurant is situated in the former University of Auckland’s laboratory - a heritage which Medway and Kazankirn pay tongue-in-cheek tribute to, via their menu and cocktail list.


It’s not uncommon to see syringes used in meals, or beverages served in science-style glass beakers.


The wine pop will be available from October till March at The Lab, which offers brunch, lunch, and dinners Tuesday-Saturday.