The License Controller Qualification (LCQ) is a certificate that gives the provider the legal ability to manage the service of alcohol in a licensed premise. New Zealand law requires hospitality businesses to have a duty manager that has been certified to be on the premises at all times.

The Learning Place is New Zealand’s only online LCQ provider. The GetLCQ course aims to provide the theoretical skills that will help duty managers to understand the risks, the responsibilities, and the rules when it comes to serving and supplying alcohol.

Working in hospitality can make it tricky to find the time to complete the required courses in order to gain this invaluable qualification; GetLCQ provides a solution by taking the course entirely online.

GetLCQ provides all the necessary information needed to pass the test. With GetLCQ, participants work through eight interactive and informative lessons and then complete the assessment. The convenience and accessibility of the online training mean that students can start the training then come back to it whenever it suits their schedule. The cost of the course is only $150, which includes the cost of the LCQ certificate from Service IQ.

Following the assessment, GetLCQ provides graduates with a free 0800 number from which they can get support where needed. Moreover, all the staff at GetLCQ understand the industry and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. For more information call 0800 800 415 or visit www.thelearningplace.co.nz