Prioritising efficiency

Ashley Hann.

Through White Knight Catering, Ashley Hann facilitates memories. He said, “We love to go to someone’s private home and create stand out experiences for them; an intimate experience for two, or maybe a dinner for eight, a 40th birthday party or twentieth wedding anniversary. When we come, the guests, and the host specifically, can simply enjoy being in the moment, creating lifelong memories to hold within their heart for the rest of their lives.” Over the past eighteen months, Hann has witnessed incredible growth in his business, something that he said he couldn’t have done without streamlining his processes and procedures.

Hann’s business can impact more people the further it reaches. In addition to private functions, Hann also takes the mobile catering to sports sites, business events and corporate functions. Through this, Hann and his team have received the security of ongoing work which provides stable cash flow—the ultimate leg-up for any business moving from start-up to sustained growth.

Hann explained that he has been focussing on developing independence in his team members so that they can take over operations if he is needed elsewhere. “By writing up the steps of each job, I clarify exactly what needs to be done, then run through that process with my team a lot quicker. With a documented process, I can hand the work over to someone else on site, because they can complete the task without me being there.”

Not only has revising his business practices left Hann with improved turnover, but also enhanced mental health and wellbeing among the staff. “[The streamlined systems] relieve a lot of stress and anxiety at every stage of the hospitality process. My part in putting the systems in places allows us to continuously improve the situation for everyone. There’s less ad hoc work and more assurance that the day will just flow along.”

Some of the benefits involved with Hann’s streamlining have included a greater focus, as his team have been able to get involved in the development of effective workflows, ushering in greater staff empowerment and engagement. On top of this, Hann’s customers are more likely to have an overwhelmingly positive experience every time they encounter White Knight’s consistent service. Bottom line, Hann’s team can now do the same great job, in much less time.

“In hindsight, I can comprehend that there’s a bigger picture coming through. This is more than White Knight. It’s a universal force that allows people to connect with what I’m doing and have faith in it. Amidst the pressures of running a growing business, you have to see what it will look like in the future. And then, you’ve got to get through the process.”

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