Taco Bell steak and poblano quesadilla

Taco Bell has unveiled a new limited-time offering dish as part of the quick-service restaurant’s ‘From Our Cantina’ menu. The Taco Bell Steak and Poblano Quesadilla is marketed to customers looking for a premium option.

The quesadilla features a blend of marinated steak with roasted peppers which is then combined with avocado ranch and a variety of cheeses including mozzarella, cheddar, and pepper jack. The menu item is encased in the brand’s signature flour tortilla and grilled to achieve a crispy exterior and melt the cheese inside.

The Taco Bell Steak and Poblano Quesadilla is available to be ordered with white meat chicken or a meatless alternative to suit dietary needs.

The ‘From Our Cantina’ menu is a test menu that provides an elevated dining experience similar to the Mexican fast chain’s Cantina locations that feature a more high-end service than the standard restaurants and are geared towards urban areas, have sit-down eating, shareable plates and may serve alcohol.