Domino’s is adding a range of plant-based pizza options to their already expansive menu. As Domino’s looks to spread the joy of pizza to everyone, even those with dietary restrictions, the new range will be released in October, and will start with plant-based Beef and Onion, plant-based Loaded Burger and plant-based Beef Taco Fiesta.

Domino’s global development chef Michael Treacy said that the company had been working with suppliers to develop plant-based ingredients exclusive to Domino’s. “Made from soy protein, our plant-based beef is free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colours.” Furthermore, Domino’s New Zealand general manager, Cameron Toomey, said, “We set out to share this love [of pizza] by serving up a range of tasty plant-based pizzas that offers our customers more choice at no extra charge.”

“I’m excited to share that after nine months of developing and testing, we’ve finally done it and we couldn’t be more proud with the result.”