New Zealand food producer First Light Foods has taken out a gold medal at the World Steak Challenge for the second year in a row. The World Steak Challenge is an internationally recognised competition with over 300 sirloins, fillets and ribeye steaks being judged from 25 different countries. First Light’s award was given to their fillet steak in the marble score 6+ category, last year’s win was for their ribeye.

Steaks are judged by more than 40 experts, as well as 14 consumer judges, each steak being critiqued raw and cooked in terms of aroma, colour, flavour and marbling.

First Light’s steak came from Ngai Tahu Farming in Canterbury. The quality of the steak, according to Gerard Hickey, First Light managing director, is put down to quality genetics and great farmers.

Along with First Light, ANZCO Foods and Alliance Group also featured among the 106 companies that were given gold awards for their steaks.