Hell Pizza wanted to really ‘treat’ customers this year for Halloween and offered lamb brain toppings on all pizzas for free. While brains may be an undiscovered epicurean delight for some Kiwi connoisseurs, they have long been boiled, fried and curried as a delicacy in other parts of the world. So Hell challenged customers to confront any preconceptions or prejudices they may have to get stuck in to some tasty herb and crumb-encrusted bits of brain.

“Offering brains is just a continuation of our desire to create new and eciting limited-time opportunities for our customers,” said general manager Ben Cumming. “There will be people who struggle to get their grey matter around the concept of eating it, which is exactly the reaction we want, where’s the challenge otherwise? There are around 20 million lambs processed at meat works and abattoirs every year in new Zealand and given brain is highly regarded by many cultures around the world, we thought we’d give Kiwis the chance to see what they’re missing out on.”

Over the week leading up to Halloween, Hell customers were able to zombify any pizza by adding brains.

“The meat’s texture is not what those new to the delicacy might expect, and it’s loaded with goodness such as B vitamins, selenium, copper, iron, zinc and potassium.”