PINTO X Sabrina Monte-Carlo: The CAPRI Tableware Collection

PINTO has launched its new Collection, "Capri": an exclusive Limoges porcelain tableware collection designed by Sabrina Monte-Carlo, the interior design studio founded in Monaco by Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino, in 1999.


An ode to the Mediterranean and the beauty of its seabed, from which it draws its inspiration, Capri revisits the "Lagon" collection by PINTO with the modern eye of Carla Ballerio, Sabrina's artistic director and tableware specialist.

In the emblematic blue and turquoise tones of Monegasque, the collection develops stylised designs of coral and scales. Drawn on plates, cups, teapots and other tableware pieces, the marine motifs play with juxtapositions to create bold and refined designs. The name of the collection pays tribute to the famous Italian island, the family refuge of the founder of Sabrina Monte-Carlo.


Plater. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography print, 29.5 cm
Dinner plate. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography print,  26 cm
Dessert plate. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography print,  22 cm
Bread and butter plate. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography print,  16 cm

Coffee cup. Limoges porcelain, printed by chromolithography
Creamer. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography printing

Tea cup. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography printing
Bread plate. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography print, 16 cm

Fruit bowl. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography print, 11.5 cm

Deep oval dish. Limoges porcelain, printed by chromolithography, 39 cm

Sugar bowl. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography printing
Pie dish. Limoges porcelain, chromolithography