Persimmons to Perk up the Autumn Menu

With local growers reporting a solid 2022 crop, there are plenty of persimmons around to add a pop of colour to your autumn menu.

A Twist on Classic Caprese Toast

This is an autumnal twist on a traditionally summer dish. With deliciously creamy fresh mozzarella and sweet basil, simply swap out the traditional tomato for a slice of persimmon. Add a sliver of pear to take the taste to the next level.

Persimmon Grilled Cheese

Take your toastie game to the next level with goats cheese, prosciutto, and sliced persimmon.

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Spiced Persimmon Old Fashioned

Customers will feel all cozy sipping on this cocktail. The bourbon will warms down to the toes and the persimmons work with clementine and lemon for a citrusy taste that isn't overpowering.