The foodservice industry needs to be concerned about the new Food Code standard that came into force in mid-January because after a three-year transition, compliance is now mandatory.

The industry has been warned that there is no leniency period in introducing the standard that was developed to reduce the risk of misleading and deceptive claims about food and to encourage the industry to innovate and make available new healthy food choices.

Products that are being presented, promoted on menus or packed for resale can’t refer to the prevention, cure, or alleviation of a disease, disorder or condition or compare the food with any therapeutic products or compare vitamin or mineral content with another food.

Kitchens need to be particularly careful about health claims on food content especially where they suggest or imply that a food may have a health effect. If any company has queries on the introduction of this new Standard 1.2.7, they should check it out with their trade organisation or regulatory affairs advisor.