Nanam Eatery

Nanam Eatery opened in March. Owners Jessabel Granada and Andrew Soriano came up with the concept in November last year. Both chefs, they moved over from the Philippines, Granada when she was 18 and Soriano when he was 22.
“We were quite scared because the Filipino market never grows here. When we started we were afraid of what the Filipino community would say as we wanted to be represented right. Cooking is a big part of our culture so most Filipinos cook at home. But about 95% of Filipinos who come here are happy to try slightly different food,” Granada said.
Soriano’s brother, Ryan Soriano, helped with the research and is the “pastry guy” and right hand help. The team of six waitresses and four chefs is small but it functions well. The wines are done by their sommelier Cameron Douglas, who helped build a simple but effective drinks list, which differs from other more traditional Filipino restaurants. A lot of calamansi, a citrus from the Philippines, is used on the menu, and the roast chicken is the most popular item.
Granada and Soriano designed the fit out. There are fake bricks on the wall which are actually made from polystyrene. Old dictionaries are on the walls and tables, venetian blinds were used for the Nanam mural on the wall.
“We didn’t have any other choice but to be creative. We were staying until 3am doing the walls,” Granada said.