Blend Store

Blend Store opened on 7 August in Mt Eden Road. The idea was born when owners Drew and Sarah Duff-Dobson were travelling through Europe and Japan. Both keen bike riders, the husband and wife team kept coming across coffee and bike stores, bringing together Drew’s two passions. As a coffee roaster Drew was keen to incorporate bikes with his coffee company and this created “Blend”, which is the first coffee and urban cycle store in Auckland. They began in September last year in a shared space and have grown to their own premises within 11 months. The focus is on beautiful coffee, bikes and accessories. Drew has worked in between the coffee and hospitality industry for 20 years in New Zealand, while Sarah has worked in the international hospitality and tourism industry for over 20 years.
The space was chosen because of the neighbourhood with a corridor of cycling stores in the area. Currently Drew works in the store full time, with a part-time staff member, and Sarah works behind the scenes. The store was designed by Drew and fitted out by Andrew Lloyd. Coffee is the main focus and they serve Smith Coffee, Drew’s own coffee company. To accompany their coffee, Blend Store have a selection of baked goods from Scratch Bakers, slices from Huai Foodstore and chai cups from Vital Bowl as well as hot chocolate and chai from West Coast Cocoa.
“We try to support smaller NZ companies where we can with our food. Our bikes are tokyobike and we have an international collection of urban cycle accessories,” Sarah said.