Muffin Break has added two Halloween special edition Misfits to its collection of the popular children’s toy – Boo and Squash. The limited-edition toys will be available to collect over the next month, with Boo available between September 23 and October 7 and Squash between October 8 and October 21. For those who miss out in these times, the Misfits will be available to purchase

The first run of Muffin Misfits was released earlier this year as part of a school holiday promotion, and fast turned into a hit.

“During the school holidays we know these customers are dragged away to competitors such as fast food joints and others that heavily invest in the kid’s meal space and we feel that parents have to sacrifice their usual coffee choice and treat, therefore we decided to bring the MMs into Muffin Break so parents and children both win,” explained Foodco GM Jon Hassall at the time. “We also know that the ‘unboxing’ and blind bag phenomenon is at its peak with the likes of Surprizamals, Shopkins and Ooshies.”

The first round of Misfits were hit. A Facebook group was established, already boasting almost 400 members, all keen to share pictures and swap between each other to complete their set. The eight characters – Poppy, Wally, Jaffa, Chip, Sweetie, Cherry, Blue and Kiwi – were designed by Auckland firm bezign creative, who said the greatest challenge was making the characters discernible as muffins, rather than cupcakes.