A Domino’s in Russia was forced to backtrack on a promotion offering 100 pizzas a year for 100 years after over 300 people got a tattoo of the Domino’s logo.

The announcement was made on VKontakte, a Russian social media site. The store promised that anyone who get a tattoo of the Domino’s logo on a “prominent body part” before the end of October would be eligible for 100 free pizzas every year for the next century.

However, mere days into the competition, it was called off due to the astounding number of entries. A total of 381 people got the logo tattooed onto their bodies, some in a more creative manner than others.

“An urgent message to all those sitting at the tattoo artist’s right now: We’ll include you in the list of participants, but we’re waiting for photos up to midday today,” the store wrote on VK.