Muffin Break Fundraising for Cyclone Relief

Muffin Break is raising funds for the regions of New Zealand affected by Cyclone Gabrielle by selling blueberry muffins on Friday 3rd of March. 

Muffin Break will be donating one dollar from every blueberry muffin sold to the New Zealand Red Cross, as the aftermath of the cyclone’s deconstruction is still being felt around the North Island of New Zealand.

Cyclone Gabrielle hit New Zealand’s shores on the 12th of February 2023, and began a reign of terror progressively down the country. The cyclone was particularly felt in regions such as Gisborne and Hawkes Bay

A national state of emergency was declared, and emergency services (along with many local volunteers) have worked tirelessly in the past weeks during the cleanup stage of the response.

Muffin Break is supporting the red cross to help New Zealanders in their moment of need.