Domino’s on a New Path to Success

Dominos Pizza has announced a plan to recruit more than 1,500 new employees by offering them a ‘pizza’ of excellence.

The supreme career opportunity has been pitched to team members and coincided with the launch of Domino’s internal training program. The ‘path to excellence’ is just a slice of what Domino’s said it can offer. CEO of the Australia and New Zealand division, David Burness, said that the company would like to hire full-time, part-time, and casual employees for the company’s 150 stores nationwide.

“Domino’s is a fast-paced business that is forever changing, but one thing remains

the same: our commitment to creating an environment where our more than 20,000

team members can grow and prosper, and we’re always looking for new training

tools to allow them to develop their careers.”

Domino’s ‘path to excellence’ programme will be experienced by employees through the use of a personalised avatar, virtual rewards, and an animated map. Global head of people development, Matthew Kershaw said that this is an example of how Domino’s is more than pizza and that this new training platform is the topping the company was missing.

“Path to Excellence sets the benchmark for how we develop our team members moving forward. With different pathways available based on team members’ career goals, this guided learning experience consists of a number of levels and different touch points clearly map out an employee’s pathway to excellence.”

The e-learning option introduced in Domino’s ‘path to excellence’ is a new and innovative way to educate team members on communication and prioritisation. The aim of the ‘path to excellence’ is to build a high-performance team culture within the company, and to develop the skills to build and develop relationships as well.

David Burness acknowledged that this could be the future way of training staff who want to succeed and climb the corporate ladder within a company, revealing he first started as a pizza delivery driver. 

“We’re proud to have launched Path to Excellence, and through this practical training tool we are able to focus on accelerating the professional development of our people, whether their goal is to develop themselves as an entrepreneur and open their own Domino’s store one day – or take on a corporate leadership role within the business.”