Most Popular Cake Designs on Instagram 2021

When it comes to designing a cake, there are many factors to consider, from tiers to flavour to design. This is where the internet is great for inspiration – but what are the most popular designs, and which ones are on the rise?

In fourth and fifth place are 3D cakes with nearly 500,000 hashtags, and ombre cake designs with nearly 260,000, which shows people are moving away from traditional designs.

Coming in third is marble cake, with 581,000 hashtags. This design has evolved over the years from a simple swirl of two different cake batters to elegant marbled fondant, and even marbled drip effects. With 70,000 google searches a month, this design is most likely to stay in the top three for a while.

Following in second place are naked cakes with 2.8 million hashtags to date. If you like simple cakes then naked is the way to go. Filled with buttercream between layers and a bare scraping of frosting on the sides, this design is bare for all to see.

Finally, in first place as the most popular cake design on Instagram with 3.3 million hashtags is the drip cake. This cake with ganache drizzled over the top and running down the sides has stormed google, with over 88,000 searches per month.

Whilst at the bottom of the barrel, asymmetrical cakes are on the rise in the baking world. These designs take some serious skill to create.

From Baby Yoda to extravagant remakes of popular art, sculptural cakes are also starting to make a show.