By Miranda Ballard. Modern Meat Kitchen is a comprehensive guide to beef, lamp and port, as well as chicken, turkey, game birds and venison.

Modern Meat Shop in London’s Miranda Ballard has provided the ultimate guide to cooking meat in which she recommends the cuts of meat to choose for different types of dishes as well as what questions to ask your butcher. There is a wealth of information included about sourcing meat that is farmed responsibly following the rise of consumers wanting to know where meat comes from. Alongside this informative charts of all the cuts and the basics behind animal husbandry.

There are more than 90 recipes for classic and innovative dishes, ranging from quick and easy lunches to impressive evening meals. Cook The Perfect Kitchen Steak for a quick midweek meal, put together for a hearty Coq au Vin when you have more time at the weekend.

There are also suggestions for making the most of the leftovers from roasts, from turkey to beef.

This book is an invaluable resource for today’s modern meat-eaters and celebration of meat.

Photography by Steve Painter

Modern Meat Kitchen by Miranda Ballard, published by Ryland, Peters & Small, distributed by Bookreps NZ Ltd