Meet the Roaster: Josh Hapi, Heartland Brew

Meet the Roaster: Josh Hapi, Heartland Brew

Meet Josh Hapi, Head Roaster at Heartland Brew. Hapi started in the coffee industry when he was 18, keen to train in the hospitality industry, his sister and partner were looking for a barista in their business and he jumped at the opportunity. As time went on, the opportunity to train as a coffee roaster presented itself when Hapi’s predecessor retired. “It is a privilege to learn coffee roasting as it is still an artisan craft and has to be taught from one roaster to another.” Said Hapi, who has now been roasting coffee beans for nine years. 

The coffee industry is incredibly compelling and dynamic, always keeping you on your toes. Hapi was drawn to the daily challenges of roasting and how he is consistently learning. But the most rewarding aspect of his job is knowing that people really enjoy drinking his coffee.

Hapi’s favourite bean is the balance of Heartland Brew’s High Country Blend. He calls it rich and full - the perfect espresso blend. He also enjoys it as a ristretto triple shot flat white and said it is a great way to start a day of roasting.

In Hapi’s opinion, a great roast is all about balance “all the complex flavours have to work together to make the most of the blend and you don't want any flavours overwhelming other more subtle tones.”

Heartland brew is constantly looking at innovations in sustainability for its packaging and production practices. It is also something Hapi is incredibly conscious of when making any new innovations and recently put in a good afterburner to keep emissions low. The company is also engaged in the community, often working with local hospitality students and doing roastery tours for interested groups.

Hapi is incredibly excited about the future of Heartland Brew, having nearly doubled their roasting in the past five years, he is hoping the brand will break into more supermarkets in the near future. Hapi is currently training an apprentice roaster in anticipation of this happening.

For anyone that wants to become a coffee roaster, Hapi notes the importance of passion. To make coffee you have to be passionate about it and the path will open for you. 

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“I love what I do, coffee roasting is a rewarding and exacting craft that I am proud to be entrusted with.”