Meet The Roaster: Coffee Supreme

A Supreme cup of coffee is one you can trust, for flavour and care. Coffee Supreme ensures that everyone is looked after right along the way — from the growers of great coffee to those who enjoy it. For them, this means putting in the hard yards to build lasting relationships with the people who provide Supreme with the quality of coffee New Zealanders know and love. It’s coffee that roasts beautifully and is rich in flavour and history. It’s a better experience, from cafe counters to kitchen benches, built on quality, trust and a thirst for improvement. 

“The defining features of a great roast are sweetness, body and acidity,” said Fraser Lovell. Lovell began working at Coffee Supreme 16 years ago and has been in the coffee industry for 24 years. He’s learnt all the ins and outs over the years and has worked as a Barista, Technician, Roaster and Coffee buyer. 

Lovell’s journey started in wild, wet and windy Wellington as a cycle courier. He then began searching for a new job that was warmer and offered free coffee. “This was back in the halcyon days of the late nineties as the coffee scene in Wellington was growing and long before the third wave had even crested on the horizon.” 

"I don't have favourites as to have to pick just one seems so unfair to the coffees as they all have distinct defining characteristics that I like to enjoy," Lovell said.

Coffee Supreme understands that although coffee grows on trees, enduring environmental sustainability doesn’t. “We understand that our environment is precious, and we need to take care of it. We know that coffee has an environmental footprint, and proactively reducing it is our goal.” They have always worked hard to source their coffee responsibly by supporting farmers and developing long term relationships with high-quality producers.

One of the most recent innovative moves they’ve made was swapping their packaging to paper recycling. This has meant a huge reduction of plastic used and has gained them even more glowing feedback from their customers. Coffee Supreme has also undertaken a carbon audit of the business to understand its footprint and how best to respond to it. Wherever possible they are doing their best to choose responsibly LED building lights, Hybrid or EV vehicles, low emission Coffee Roasters or diverted waste streams. “This is a journey about always getting better, not waiting to be perfect; it’s about taking steps in the right direction and continual improvement.”

Not only do they produce delectable coffee and strive for sustainability but Coffee Supreme additionally actively contributes to a wide variety of community engagement including proudly supporting the Mental Health Foundation, the Wellington City Mission and the Common Unity Project. At the origin, they have also engaged in several projects to help various coffee partners. 

With the recent shift to the traffic light system, the hospitality industry is struggling to stand on its own two feet and make ends meet. “Please continue to support your local cafes as every customer is crucial for them at the moment.”