Meet The Chef | Pratik Panchal Veggo Sizzle

After pursuing a Master's degree in Information Technology, Pratik Panchal ventured into cooking, following his deep interest in animal rights and plant-based cuisines. After setting up a successful business, Veggo Sizzle, in Adelaide, he expanded his operations in Sydney in 2020. Together with his wife, Dixita, they have developed some signature dishes for Veggo Sizzle. 

What makes their business stand out amongst other plant-based businesses in the market is their diverse and creative dishes give a feeling of home. They strive to promote a healthier lifestyle and provide a sense of comfort to all their customers through their pan-Asian culinary flavours. The Panchals' favourites are the Sizzling Supreme and the Eggplant & Lentils Curry, which have attracted much customer attention. 

Veggo Sizzle has achieved numerous awards, including the Best Vegan Restaurant by American Express and has been visited by famous Indian celebrities like actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli. 

Despite gaining popularity, the business faces challenges due to rising inflation and the limited vegan target audience. However, they have stayed true to their creativity and passion and believe patience is vital. 

When not working, the couple enjoys gardening and is proud of the herb garden at the back of their restaurant. 

Veggo Sizzle, along with their supportive and dedicated team, want to expand to other locations to make vegan food more accessible, and they would also like to introduce some products into the market, like their signature satay sauce.