Meet the Chef: Johnon MacDonald, Koji

Being able to say you accomplished your childhood dream is not something everyone can achieve, but Johnon MacDonald is an exception.

After moving to Sydney, to pursue his vision of becoming a top chef at age 16, MacDonald was fortunate enough to spend time working alongside many of hospitality's best in Australia. 

He not only spent the last 20 years learning from top chefs, but also traveling the world and tasting a diverse range of cuisines. 

"A personal favourite of mine is playing with Asian ingredients, to produce big, bold flavors that excite the palate and get the taste buds talking," added MacDonald. 

His modern Asian-fusion restaurant, Koji, is MacDonald's interpretation of what Asia has to offer and the culmination of the time he dedicates to endlessly researching online and reading cookbooks.  

"I love that I will never know everything about food. There is always something to learn and I can learn from anyone."

Opening his restaurant is a dream come true for MacDonald, an achievement he shares with his wife, who helps run Koji's talented team. 

Aside from MacDonald’s success with Koji, the couple looks to expand their love for food and dining into another restaurant. 

"We would like to open another venue in the future that will allow me to showcase another style of food that I am passionate about, or even celebrate the opening of a restaurant by someone I have had the pleasure of mentoring."

He has some advice for anyone beginning their hospitality journey: "Take notes, research trends, be patient and don't expect to know everything."