Meet The Brewer | Luke Nicholas, Epic Taproom

Epic Taproom

Epic Taproom began because passers-by consistently asked business owner Luke Nicholas if the warehouse was a taproom. 

“We decided to open a Taproom because there was obvious demand,” said Nicholas. 

The taproom can be found down the end of an industrial-looking driveway as an unsigned warehouse on Neilson Street in the heart of Onehunga, Auckland. 

Nicholas explained that people would arrive at the warehouse wanting to know which beer festivals the business attended, where the taproom was and where it was available. 

Epic Taproom has a complete range of Epic beers, including numerous exclusively aged and rare beers. Nicholas added that the taproom offers the best quality pizza available in Auckland. 

“We have a garden bar for when the weather is nice, and we have a range of arcade games and pinball.” 

Epic Taproom

Every Thursday night, Epic Taproom has live music and occasional musical performance on weekends. 

Nicholas continued that the taproom has new beer releases every month, with the business consistently offering something new and diverse. The taproom offers new pizzas and arcade games along with new beer releases. 

Epic Taproom caters for groups before concert outings and for game days at Mount Smart stadium. 

Open from 3:30 pm on Thursday and midday on Friday through to Sunday. The taproom is a location for the local community, families, after-work crowds, sports teams fans, and all looking for a taproom offering live music, pizza, and a wide selection of beer. 

Epic Taproom

“Craft beer and pizza fans make a special effect and are prepared to travel from further afield as our reputation grows.” 

For the future, Nicholas hopes to develop a garden bar with more shade, evening lights, music, and generally more to make Epic Taproom an excellent place for people to spend their time, relax, and enjoy pizza and a beer outside.

While Epic Taproom began as an offering for people Nicholas knew to a community-wide hot spot, he described the support as an essential part of the business, which he described as unsuspecting yet welcoming, warm, and friendly. 

Epic Taproom

“We offer a special place in an odd place being industrial Onehunga, with amazing staff and owners who are there often.”