Meet The Barista | Katie Petre, Standard Kitchen

What Katie Petre has looked forward to every single day has been a cup of her morning coffee. She always enjoyed the day-to-day environment of a cafe, meeting new people, making great conversation and giving people a great coffee and food experience. 

Intrigued by the artistic process of coffee-making, she bought her own coffee machine, and the ways of a barista came to her like second nature, so the idea of owning her cafe one day was a total no-brainer.

The Standard Kitchen is all about simple food done well. Their SK Bowls are best-sellers, allowing customers to choose their favourite flavours and combos in one plate. 

With its efficient, detail-oriented and friendly service, the Standard Kitchen offers a fresh and delicious selection and a wide range of vegan and gluten-free options, which, according to Petre, in today's world, is a must. 

Petre believes that great coffee is silky, smooth, pretty, and served with a smile. She starts her day with a long black and finds it rewarding that customers appreciate the love and creativity of their kitchen.

Even during her free time, the kitchen is still her happy place, as she enjoys preparing sweet and savoury treats for her kids at home during the weekends.