Meet | Ross Little, Poquito

Ross Little is ardent about two things, high-end whiskey and cocktails. Befitting the role as bar manager at Poquito, which prides on a dynamic spirit selection, a dream playground for the passionate mixologist. 

Little initially laboured as a waiter but was allured into the cocktails laboratory and switched to bartending full-time. 

“I’ve always enjoyed cocktails, and the idea of learning about them, how to make them, and their history is what drew me to bartending," Little explained.

What is most fulfilling about Little’s role is the ability to bring customers a drink they truly relish, whether an intrinsic cocktail or a pint of beer. Providing the social setting of pleasure and quietness makes Little an advocate for relaxation. Even providing a similar experience for those who are averted to alcohol, Poquito is offering a range of low to zero-alcoholic cocktails and beer.  

With the plethora of choices in alcoholic beverages at bars, it may be overwhelming to be attuned to what you crave. Little believes that the most notable drinks can stand the test of time. 

“They don’t necessarily need to appeal to every palate, but they should be well-balanced and usually use ingredients that are widely available in almost every market,” said Little.

“Flavour trends always come and go and are often highly seasonal. Some people like to focus on what’s fresh and in season at the time, whereas others sometimes want to focus on the best way to preserve produce and flavours so they can use it consistently year round.” 

Within his high cocktail etiquette, Little puts the customer’s preference first when asked for a drink that represents the bar, for instance. As Poquito’s heart lies in cocktails and whiskey, he will first suggest something that fits the first-time guest’s palate and encapsulates the bar’s ethos.

The bartender also suggests the recommendation of always going right with the classics.  

“The main two I’d say that won’t go out of style would be the Negroni and the Daiquiri. Both of them are old classics that are easy to make, excellent when made right, and have stayed popular for years.”