Meet the Bartender: Abbey Curd, Pink Lady Rooftop

Abbey Curd is one very busy woman. Not only is she a full-time bar manager at the Pink Lady Rooftop, but she is also a full-time student at the Ara Institute of Technology. With such a variety of responsibilities, she has to be at the top of her game every day.

Curd started bartending when she was 16 at a local pub in Rolleston. She was inspired by the bartending experiences of her parents when they were overseas, and she just happened to share their passion for the art.

Meet the Bartender: Abbey Curd, Pink Lady Rooftop

Located on top of the Christchurch Muse Hotel, Curd has been a manager at the Pink Lady Rooftop for eight months now, and her speciality lies in cocktails.

"I'm a big fan of the classics; however, working at the Pink Lady Rooftop, the need for innovation is constant. For this, I use seasonal, local ingredients that are a perfect addition to existing cocktails or serve their purpose in a newly invented drink. I base my style on the 80's Miami vibe, which is bright, floral and fresh with a tribute to the oldie goldies."

Curd is particularly proud of her Violet Sour, a drink that marries an Aviation and a Whiskey Sour. With a gin base, violet lychee liqueur, some frothy egg white, lemon and sugar, it was once just a special but is now one of the venue's signature cocktails.

When it comes to working in hospitality, this bartender loves connecting with people from all nooks and crannies. Especially with the Pink Lady Rooftop's location, she has a wide range of travellers and locals visiting her bar, allowing for a highly interactive day-to-day routine. Additionally, Curd loves how hospitality creates a close relationship with workmates. The team is her second family, and she considers working with them daily as a blessing.

Looking at the hospitality industry as a whole, Curd sees an increase in competition. Older businesses without an established customer base might struggle to remain relevant with so many new experiences offered around them. With new venues popping up all around town, each has to create its own unique identity to stay afloat.

For anyone just beginning their hospitality journey, Curd's best advice is to make the most of every opportunity in such a hands-on industry.

"Steal with your eyes and ears and stick to what suits you best – the coolest thing you can have in a bar is a unique, personalised experience and the best way to offer that is to develop your own style while remembering not to overlook advice."

Moving forward, Curd would like to one day make the most of her experience and knowledge in a marketing or sales role within the industry.