Meet The Barista | Joyce Tung at Good Fortune Coffee

Becoming a barista in New Zealand wasn’t in the plan for Joyce Tung. She came here on a holiday and fell in love with the country. Despite having some experience in the hospitality industry, she found it difficult to find a job due to her English-speaking skills and ended up working at a Chinese restaurant for a little while.

She learnt basic coffee-making skills from a Cuban cafe and developed them at Seashore Cabaret. Her love for coffee is what found her a life partner too.

At Good Fortune Cafe, all customers are treated like family. “When a customer keeps coming back everyday and knowing they love the coffee and food you made. I think that makes me smile,” said Tung. 

The cafe is known not only for their coffee but also for their gourmet pies and sausages. With a wide variety of blends suited to people’s individual tastes, the most popular one is the dark roasted Firecracker, which also happens to be Tung’s favourite. 

Milder coffee blend options include Hypnotic Eyes and Sixth Sense while Mighty Fine and Paradise are good options for filter coffee lovers. 

In Tung’s opinion, a good cream, velvety milk and a full body are features of a good coffee and her go-to order is an espresso with sugar to reduce the intensity. 

While she’s not working, Tung enjoys cooking, baking and going to the gym.

The Good Fortune has also started selling merchandise like coffee mugs and t-shirts and the latest addition to their menu is a dark drinking chocolate which is quite rich and delicious.