Meet the Barista: Clayton Rangi, Cable Top Eatery

Clayton Rangi

At a time when espresso was new to New Zealand, Clayton Rangi graduated from Whitirea Polytech in 1997 to get a job at The Old Parade. Lucky enough to be trained by coffee whiz and cafe owner Chris Dillion, Rangi was inspired to progress further in the hospitality industry.

Twenty years on, Rangi runs Cable Top Eatery – an old skyline site at the top of the cable car in Kelburn. Rangi is proud that Cable Top Eatery is original to other cafes for its staff and spectacular panoramic harbour views.

Sharing his passion for the industry with others brings Rangi as much joy as watching his creative ideas come to fruition. 

Cable Top Eatery


“Forming an environment where people are happy and excited while offering the best hospitality to our guests” is what Rangi described as the most rewarding aspect of his job.

Cable Top Eatery


For him, great coffee is subjective to the drinker, and what makes a great barista is learning how to accommodate every customer. But when Rangi is not behind the coffee machine, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, good food and music.

“I feel very fortunate to have spent a long career in hospitality and have met so many beautiful people.”