McDonald’s moving away from plastic straws

McDonald’s restaurants across New Zealand are moving away from single-use plastics, trialling fibre-based straws in several locations.

“The fibre-based straw trial is part of a broader project where we're working with our suppliers to look at all of the packaging we use,” said McDonald’s NZ managing director Dave Howse. “We're keen to understand from customers how they find the alternative to a plastic straw, while we continue to try and reduce the number of straws used in general.”

The trials will be carried out in Orewa, Havelock North and Queenstown. It is part of McDonald’s global goal to reach 100 percent renewable or recycled packaging by 2015, as well as installing recycling bins in every restaurant.

Ken and Cherie Harlock, owners of McDonald's Orewa, said that they were excited to be taking part.

"As a beach-side restaurant, we're very conscious of the types of packaging we use. Heading into the summer holidays, it will be great to trial the fibre-based straws and get feedback from our customers."