With Moa Cherry Sour 2014 Vintage and Moa Sour Blanc 2014 Vintage, the company’s speciality sours just hit the sweet spot. Moa has strong foothold in the category, having won more than 15 medals and awards to-date. Brewed with a wheat base and from whole Marlborough cherries, the Moa Cherry Sour is a great match with Brie and aged Gouda, due to its clean and tart yet robust cherry taste. The Moa Sour Blanc is a sour beer in the traditional Belgian Lambic style, carefully balancing phenolic and complex acidity with dryness and funk. Simple yet elegant with hints of vanilla, it’s a perfect pairing with creamy dishes and seafood.
“We’re putting a five-year shelf life on these two new brews and are expecting some really great flavours to produce as they change with age,” said David Nicholls, head brewer, Moa Brewing Co.