Magical Vintage Sparks Double Barrels Release

Central Otago producer Rockburn Wines has launched two top-tier Pinot Noirs from the highly anticipated 2019 vintage: Eight Barrels Pinot Noir 2019 made from grapes grown in the cooler Gibbston sub-region and Eleven Barrels Pinot Noir 2019 from their Parkburn site in Lowburn.

Each of the six Central Otago sub-region offers unique and compelling Pinot Noir expressions. As a pioneer in the region, Rockburn strives to offer a pure expression of Central Otago. The Barrels series showcases the pinnacle of their Pinot Noir offering, releasing wines that eloquently speak of their sub-region, site and season in years the temperamental Central Otago climate puts on a show.

2019 was one of those magical years where a combination of low yields and slow ripening lent to fantastic concentration in the wines.

“I am more excited about the 2019 than I think any vintage previously. It really just was one of those perfect storms,” commented Winemaker Malcolm Rees-Francis.

Rees-Francis expertly selected eight barrels from Rockburn’s Gibbston Back Road Vineyard and crafted a single-vineyard wine that displays elegance and grace. With a fine balance of ripe tannin, natural acidity and lively fruit, this wine truly represents Gibbston and its complex nature of being the highest and coolest sub-region.

Power, generosity, and intensity, on the other hand, best describe Rockburn’s Eleven Barrels Pinot Noir 2019, made from grapes grown at their Parkburn Vineyard. With the fine balance of ripe fruit, natural acidity, and mineral tension this wine truly represents the Pisa sub-region and its unique nature of being sheltered from the striking Pisa ranges.

Rockburn takes its name from the rugged, rock-strewn, burn-scarred landscape of Central Otago. The boutique producer has two vineyards, one on the Gibbston Back Road in the Gibbston Valley, and the other at Parkburn in the Cromwell Basin with its state-of-the-art winemaking facility based in Cromwell.

Rockburn not only produces Pinot Noir of stunning quality but also award-winning Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Rosé and Fumé Blanc.