Lone Star Releases its Secret Milky Bar Pudding Recipe!

A taste of Kiwi history, Lone Star has revealed one of its best kept secrets to celebrate its Winter Warmer Feast.

At long last, the famously fastidious Lone Star Group Executive Chef, Gerhard Zitzenbacher, has let slip the very recipe that has delighted punters for over 20 years, all in celebration of his special winter offering – the Winter Warmer Feast.

Lone Star chefs have toiled long and hard to perfect this delectable melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate and buttermilk pud that’s known to draw diners from every county in the country – and now Kiwis can whip it up at home!

This one is sure to delight when served warm with white chocolate sauce, a scoop of ice cream and lashings of hot butterscotch sauce.