Lone Star New Lynn Owners Step Down

After being issued with $24,000 of fines for breaching the vaccine mandate, the owners of Lone Star New Lynn have stepped down.

In a video posted to Youtube, Lone Star New Lynn owners Stephanie Cowie and Brendon Pascoe said they were leaving effective immediately, after Lone Star gave them 10 days to comply or leave.

“The last two years with lockdowns, and constant changes to Covid measures and restrictions have been horrific, to be honest,” Cowie said.

“We can see no light at the end of the tunnel with our business.”

One fine was for allowing unvaccinated staff to carry out work when required to be vaccinated, and the other for not having effective systems and processes to check Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate compliance.

If businesses do not comply with My Vaccine Pass requirements, they can only offer contactless service and cannot open at all under the red setting, unless offering takeaways.