Lion Launches Training Platform

Lion, New Zealand’s leading alcohol beverage company, is excited to announce the launch of their partnership with digital training platform, Myagi. Curated by the Lion Ambassadors team, the new educational platform has been specifically designed for Lion’s customers across on-premise, traditional channels and grocery.

Launching with over 150 pieces of content, tailored for the New Zealand industry, lessons range from cocktail making and food matching to tutorials that delve deeper into the history of adult beverages and practical service and selling tips.

With Myagi’s support, the easy to use, intuitive platform and app will enable the Ambassador team to directly collaborate with customers and suppliers. Access to the content is free for all Lion customers, making upskilling simple, through bite-sized video tutorials, interactive ‘flashcards’ and ‘how-to’ PDF guides.

Helen Murray, Consumer Engagement Manager at Lion noted that after over a year of planning and preparation, Lion is excited to be launching Myagi and showcasing its new blended learning approach.

“The Ambassadors training modules are on-demand, giving managers and their teams access to short sharp tutorials that can be completed whenever and however it suits. Management teams are also able to monitor their teams' progress and ensure they are up to date with their training,” said Murray.

“The educational content is easily accessible for all Lion customers through a downloadable app, which is a game-changer, as there is nothing like this platform in the market.”

“Myagi lets staff learn from the comfort of their own home so it’s a lot easier to encourage them to engage in, rather than traditional training sessions that not all staff can attend,” said Kirsty Brown, General Manager of Winnies Queenstown, who expressed that it’s great to see training brought into the 21st Century using the app platform.

The Myagi app and platform are customisable for users, including notifications and reminders, as well as being rewarded with badges as modules are completed. Users can also rate and give feedback, providing insight for the Lion team on what modules are engaging and useful, as well as identifying any potential gaps.

“We've been really impressed with how they have approached this project from the outset. The content they have created is fantastic and early feedback has been positive, so we're really excited to see how the program is received nationally throughout New Zealand,” said Sam Parsons, Regional Manager at Myagi, adding that it had been fantastic to partner with Lion on their journey to digitise the information they provide to customers, across the hospitality and retail industries.

While the Lion Ambassadors will continue to deliver their face-to-face workshops to customers around the country, the Myagi platform enables them to now reach more customers than ever before. The next series of lessons are already in development and the content will be continually updated over time to ensure learners keep engaged and challenged.

Myagi is the knowledge supply chain platform that connects retailers to the brands they sell, allowing them to collaborate, communicate and educate along the commerce supply chain. Myagi empowers front-line workers with the right intel at the right time to create great customer experiences and improve sell-through. With offices in Melbourne, Denver, Birmingham and Munich, Myagi helps brands and retailers in dozens of countries on six continents.