Woo Korn, hell yeah.

Esteemed nu-metal band KoRn has made a surprising career turn, releasing their own new range of coffee, suitably named 'Korn Koffee'. Not to be confused with the German liquor ‘korn’ made from cereal grain, the idea to make a coffee brand spawned from their shared thirst for a caffeine hit during long tours.

The product is made from “beans worthy of the most die-hard coffee fans” and can be ordered from their website, although has already sold out of beans.
In true edgy Korn fashion, the band describes the beans as a “smooth, dark roasted blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Guatemalan Huhuetenango, and Organic Peru beans mixed with Vintage Black Diamond by American coffee roasters, J. Gursey Coffee. The flavours were supposedly curated by the band to design the corny Korn Koffee coffee brand.