Not all coffees are the same, and some coffees pack more of a punch than others. Newcastle coffee roaster Crema Coffee Garage wanted to find out which coffee has the biggest stimulant effect, and so it compared the five most common brewing methods in Australia; espresso, pour over, stovetop espresso, cold brew and French press.

The data found espresso was the most effective drink. Extracting two to six times the amount of caffeine of other brews. Cold brew was second but incidentally requires 8-12 hours to brew, making it less efficient. French Press and Pour Over methods extracted the least caffeine, all producing less than a quarter of the caffeine content in espresso.

“While caffeine analysis of espresso has been explored, we found there was little information that showcased caffeine content in other methods and even fewer resources contextualised that data for the Australian market and consumer,” said Ravelle King, project manager of the study at Crema Coffee Garage.

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