Kiwis denied access with Kiwi Access cards

The new ‘Kiwi Access’ card from Hospitality New Zealand is causing trouble for some users, with hospitality venues apparently unaware of the change and refusing to accept it as a form of ID.

“The bouncer took my ID inside with her and showed it to the other managers, and she came out and said 'none of us know what this is, but if you can prove to me somehow that it's legit, then we'll let you in,” said one disgruntled user, who had to then access Google to prove to the staff that the ID was legitimate.

Bottle store co-owner Hannah Watkinson said that she only learned about the new card when she saw bartenders discussing it on Facebook.

“You get taught, when you are doing all the courses and stuff, how to tell specific things, if anything's been tampered with, for licences and the old 18+ cards, but because these are new cards we have no idea what that even looks like,” she said.

The Kiwi Access card replaces the 18+ card and was released in January as proof of age for those who do not qualify for a drivers’ license and do not want to carry their passport around.