Kiwi Bartender Launches Graham Norton-inspired “Tayto-Tini”

Inspired by the Irish talk-show host Graham Norton, Auckland-based bartender, Dave Ryan, has created the "Tayto-Tini", a potato-based cocktail that pays homage to his Irish heritage.

The Tayto-tini is made using Norton's Irish Vodka, which contains one Irish potato in every bottle. The vodka is craft distilled and created in collaboration with Invivo, a New Zealand wine and spirits company.

Ryan stated that "Irish potatoes are the best in the world. Graham Norton's Irish Vodka has a creamy but earthy mouthfeel with hints of vanilla and a refreshing finish."

However, Ryan has added his twist by including house-made rosemary, thyme and sage cordial before shaking the drink with herb salt, a splash of olive lemonade and a salted parched potato garnish, evoking the "feeling you get when you're eating a roast potato."

The Tayto-tini will be available from 7 December through Black Pineapple, an Auckland-based catering food and drink supplier.

Co-Founder and Winemaker at Invivo & Co, Rob Cameron, added that "when we decided to make the vodka with Graham, I could never have imagined that it would inspire a potato-based cocktail like the Tayo-tini, the drink no one might have asked for, but everyone will realise they need."

Ryan hopes that his potato-based drink will become a festive favourite amongst Kiwis. Although he has lived in New Zealand for 13 years, there is always something missing for Ryan during Christmas.

"I realise now that it's potatoes. I hope this cocktail will help tater lovers like me get into the spirit this year."