Johnny Danger honoured with bar

Social media star Johnny ‘Danger’ Bennett, who died in a motorcycle crash last year, has had a bar named after him at a hostel in Nicaragua.

Timmy Mullins, Bennett’s best friend, purchased the hostel in Nicaragua last year as an extension of his tour group company.

“We started our journey together years ago,” Mullins explained. “Our first trip overseas together really put us on the world map. From there, everything took off and we both have had separate journeys but aligned the whole time. I wouldn't be where I am today without him. He played a main role in my life, in achieving what I've accomplished so far. Now I'm fighting the fight for both of us.”

Mullins played a starring role in many of Bennett’s social media videos, known by the nickname ‘Puk’ – hence the hostel being called ‘Puk’s Palace’. Mullins left New Zealand shortly before the ANZAC Day crash which claimed the life of his friend.

“When I saw the second bar at the place I knew I had to do something for Johnny. After the family gave me permission to do so I ran with it, teary-eyed the whole time it was being created.”