Japanese style Escabeche, crisp Sushi rice, Yuzu mayo


By Riki Day, Urban Eatery, Nelson

Escabeche Pickling Liquid
50g palm sugar
100ml soy sauce
200ml rice wine vinegar
1 thumb ginger
1 lemongrass stalk
1 lemon zest and juice
1 red onion sliced

Warm all together until sugar has dissolved. Cool, then add lemon juice, zest and sliced red onion.

Sushi Rice
250g sushi rice washed and soaked in cold water for 20 minutes
350g cold water
25g pickled ginger juice and ginger
Sea salt

Strain rice. Add to wide bottom pot with water cover and bring to simmer over a low heat – do not stir. Simmer for 15 mins or until excess water is absorbed. Turn heat off and let steam for a further 15 minutes. Add togarashi salt and pickle juice mix well and set into small trays and press until firm and chilled.

Yuzu Mayo
2 tbsp lemon juice
½ mustard
½ tbsp kosher salt, plus more to taste
2 egg yolks
2 cups vegetable oil
¾ tbsp yuzu juice
¾ tbsp yuzu kosho paste

In a medium bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, mustard, sugar, salt and egg yolks until smooth. While whisking, slowly stream in the oil until a thick mayonnaise forms. Whisk in the yuzu juice and yuzu kosho paste until smooth.

500gm firm white fish
Togarashi seasoning
1 radish
Small micro herbs to garnish

Place the fish in a dish big enough to be covered by the pickling liquid. If not, turn fish after three hours.
Place in fridge for six hours before serving (can hold up to 12 hours).
For serving, cut the pressed sushi rice into desired shapes. Heat up some cooking oil in a pan then add the rice shapes and turn on all sides till crisp and golden.
Slice the pickled fish in roughly 50gm slices and place on the rice.
Smear the Yuzu on the plate.
Season with togarashi, thinly sliced radish and some of the red onion.
Garnish with a touch of micro herb.