Istanbul Cult Recipes offers an immersive experience of food, culture, and place as a part travel guide and part recipe book. Istanbul shares with its residents and visitors alike a great love affair with food. Its food is like the city - endless, generous, varied and festive. Turkish cuisine is as richly diverse as the country itself, which brings together the influences of Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean.

Almost every dish in this book has its own neighbourhood, and are accompanied by an address at which to enjoy it, making for a long list of places to stop for lunch, dinner, afternoon tea or a snack.

Pomme Larmoyer's Istanbul Cult Recipes is a compilation of recipes from Istanbul cuisine and recommendations of where to go and eat when you visit. Take your pick of lively Turkish breakfasts, linger over delectable plates of meze, try your hand at making breads, wraps and kebabs like those sold from the city's food carts, and master the art of making sweets such as baklava, helva, and of course, the unctuous Turkish delight. With maps highlighting some of the author's favourite food destinations and profiles on some of the city's proprietors and chefs, let Istanbul Cult Recipes envelop you in its passion for Turkish food.

Istanbul Cult Recipes
Pomme Larmoyer
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Published: 1 December 2016