Coca-Cola’s Designated Driver is Back!

Coca-Cola’s Designated Driver programme returns this summer and is inviting licensed bars and restaurants across the country to sign up.

Launched in New Zealand in 2016, the Designated Driver campaign is designed to treat Kiwis who are choosing to stay sober and drive their mates on a night out, while at the same time helping the hospitality industry which has been so affected by COVID-19.

Hospitality New Zealand has again come onboard to endorse the initiative for Summer 2021.

“It has been another incredibly tough year for the hospitality industry across New Zealand, with operators facing many challenges under COVID restrictions. We are grateful for the support our industry has received from our suppliers. Incredible initiatives like this from Coca-Cola go a long way to support the industry and those that volunteer to get their friends and family home safely on a night out,” said Hospitality New Zealand Chief Executive, Julie White.

The programme, which rewards the positive choices people make when they volunteer to drive on a night out, will run in participating bars and restaurants around the country from Monday 1st November to Monday 31st January 2022.

Customers can obtain their drinks by texting “Driver” to 345,registering their details and choosing a participating bar - they’ll then receive vouchers for 3 non-alcoholic drinks from the Coca-Cola range, including Coke, Coke No Sugar, Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes and more.

Licensed bars and restaurants are encouraged to get involved in this year’s Coca-Cola’s Designated Driver campaign and can find out more from their local Coca-Cola representative.

The full list of bars and terms and conditions for the Designated Driver programme can be found at

The campaign and participating bars will adhere to the relevant government COVID-19 guidelines throughout the campaign and adjust accordingly.