Recently, a band of the United States’ leading cell-cultured meat innovators announced a partnership to give the industry a unified voice. Members include UST, Memphis Meats, Finless Foods, BlueNalu, and Fork and Goode, who collectively form The Alliance for Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Innovation. The group will lobby on behalf of the growing cell-based meat industry in Washington, DC, and look to inform wider communities on cell-cultured meats.

The creation of this alliance gives support to the concept that cell-cultured meat is very much a part of the future of foodservice—another player in the game. With the exponential growth that the plant-based sector has seen in recent years, can the same success can be expected for the cultured sector? With this new group, cell-cultured meats are almost at a point where they are entirely ready for the consumer market. While there have been products released, scale and production is something that still hasn’t been mastered. Additionally, this move takes the future of cell-cultured meat one step closer to reality, as a more focussed effort from a range of cell-cultured meat producers will be better equipped to overcome strict regulatory rules and regulations to a safe, and marketable outcome.

While this remains an entirely American effort, it will be no surprise when the first cell-cultured meat products start showing up on menus across the globe within the next few years.