Everyone appreciates a bit of latte art; whether it’s a heart popping up in foam at your local café or a more elaborate design from one of those insta- famous hipster cafés. Then there is Korean coffee artist, Kangbin Lee who creates what he calls Cremart. A coffee art made using foamed cream that is so elaborate it would give Vincent Van Gogh a run for his money.

The talented cremart designer cooks up creations so elaborate, they almost look like the real thing. Frothing up everything from Disney and Korean pop culture figures to Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo Di Vinci replicas, these creations are defiantly too good to drink.

With over 200,000 followers, the artist has created quite the following on social media showcasing his incredible masterpieces. “It helps me express exactly what I want and brings my dreams to life. People who specialize in latte art usually only use two colours - black and white. But I wanted to break that colour limit." Artist Kangbin Lee explained.

Each cup of coffee takes up to an hour to create with Kangbin limiting himself to only making three works of art a day. If you want the latte artist to brew up a creation for you, get in line as it's reservation only.