When Green Valley introduced Barista Velvet to the coffee industry a few years ago it quickly found a loyal following with baristas and coffee lovers alike because of its creamy taste, amazing performance and, most importantly, reliability. Green Valley is proud of the product and its place in people’s hearts, so with the knowledge that they were onto something special, the team at Green Valley looked to see what else they could offer to the café industry.

We found that while there are a growing number of loyal customers to Barista Velvet based on its organic certification, there is a large part of the industry that like to work with non-organic milk as well.  So the team started working on how they could produce a milk with all the performance qualities of Barista Velvet without it being an organic product.

The result is Barista Silk. The non-organic milk heats and stretches beautifully and uses a unique blend of protein and fat levels to provide a creamy finish that compliments the top coffee roasters beans. The time spent ‘surfing’ the milk is minimised, and it is great for latté art. The two SKU options – Barista Silk and Barista Silk Lite – will perform year round with no inconsistencies or undesirable milk bubbles regardless of the season.

Green Valley believes that compared with standard milk being used in a café, Barista Silk simply delivers a better result. Don’t hesitate to contact Green Valley to talk further about Barista Silk and what it can add to your business.