Husband and wife jailed for exploitation

Mohammed Atiqul Islam and his wife Nafisa Ahmed have been jailed after being found guilty of exploitation of temporary workers. The couple, who previously ran Royal Indian Sweets and Café in Sandringham were found to have taken advantage of immigrant workers in terms of work hours, underpayment, as well as seizing victims passports. Between the two of them, they were found guilty of 18 charges relating to exploitation, perverting the course of justice, and other immigration-related offences.

The case against them was aimed at five victims who were paid as little as $6 an hour and made to work over 14 hours a day at times. On top of this, it is said that one employee was not given a day off for around 14 months. The final result: Islam was jailed for four years and five months, while Ahmed was jailed for two years and six months.