High-Altitude Brewery Launches new Beverage

New Zealand’s high-altitude brewery and meadery, Ohakune Brewers Ltd., is proud to announce the launch of Big Mountain Mead to the craft beverage market.

Mead is the oldest known alcoholic beverage in the world, suspected to have been part of human culture as far back as 7,000 BCE. It predates beer and wine by thousands of years. With simply a bit of nature and some know-how, mead is the delicious product of fermenting honey with water and yeast.

The Big Mountain Mead range is Ohakune Brewers’ modern take on this ancient beverage. It is cleanly fermented, giving it a delicate golden honey-like hue and bouquet. It’s light, dry, and sessionable with only 6% ABV unlike the traditional sweet liqueur style meads. It’s low carb, with no added sugar and absolutely none of the nasties you might find in other beverages such as fake flavours or colours, additives, or preservatives.

The Big Mountain Mead range is simply pure Ruapehu mountain water fermented with mānuka multi-floral bush honey in three delicious blends. With nothing but mānuka multi-floral bush honey fermented in pure Ruapehu mountain water, the Wild Manuka Session Mead is the cornerstone of the range. The Native Botanicals Session Mead uses locally and sustainably foraged kawakawa and horopito. And, delivering a delectable Asian-inspired flavour, the Ginger & Ginseng Session Mead combines ginseng with multi-floral mānuka bush honey and a touch of ginger for an earthy, bittersweet flavour.

With a big focus on art and creativity, Big Mountain Mead is where street art meets beverage artisans. The distinctive Big Mountain Mead labels were designed by renowned kiwi street artist Component. Local Ohakune craft beer brewery Ruapehu Brewing Co. joined forces with Big Mountain Mead Ltd last year and Ohakune Brewers Ltd was born.

Ruapehu Brewing has been producing the local beer of choice in Ohakune for over five years. The array of popular craft beers complements the mead range, rounding out the craft beverage offering. The Ohakune brewery and meadery is positioned to be a steadfast contributor to the local Ruapehu economy, a region rich in creativity and innovation within the primary industry sector.

Big Mountain Mead will bolster sustainable businesses for year-round benefit to the region. Brewed by Ohakune Brewers Ltd. in the shadow of Mt Ruapehu, they’ve blended the purest ingredients to create modern craft beverages available now online at bigmountainmead.com and at the cellar door at 17 Goldfinch St, Ohakune.