Help Fight Cancer By Serving up a Mocktail

Just like hospitality and foodservice businesses, charities and fundraising events have been affected by COVID-19, but despite COVID-19 impacting many parts of our daily life and society, what remains unchanged is that people affected by cancer still need support.

That’s why Dry July needs as many people as possible on board for 2020, to raise vital funds for its beneficiaries.

Dry July has traditionally been a 31-day challenge, but to encourage more people to get involved this year, the trust has introduced some new options, called ‘Dry(ish) July’, where those that might have never taken part in the 31 day challenge, can get involved in Dry July in a way that suits them, and choose 21 days, 14 days, or nominate their own period.

Dry July is a challenge that encourages social drinkers to give up alcohol to raise funds for people affected by cancer. Part of that challenge is continuing their usual activities, and socialising with friends and family, but without alcohol.

“We encourage our Dry Julyers to get out during the month; staying home for all of their Dry July would defeat the purpose,” explained Katie Evans, general manager of the Dry July Trust.

Hospitality businesses can support people taking part in Dry July by offering delicious non-alcoholic alternatives for Dry Julyers to drink during the month.

“We’ve seen terrific support from the industry in the past, offering up speciality mocktails, or adding a mocktail menu during July, or even donating a percentage of sales to Dry July NZ Trust. By supporting our Dry Julyers, you’re also supporting our cause to raise funds for people affected by cancer.”

Since Dry July launched in New Zealand in 2012, the campaign has inspired 37,000 Kiwis to go dry, raising $5.1 million for people affected by cancer, and funding more than 170 projects for 15 beneficiary organisations across the country.

Dry July is all about raising funds to improve the comfort and wellbeing of people affected by cancer. It funds projects that support cancer patients going through their journey now in practical ways.

Dry July is supporting three fantastic organisations in New Zealand this year, money raised by Dry July participants will help fund programs run by each of these organisations:

Look Good Feel Better – providing free, community-based programmes for any person, facing any cancer, at any time. Look Good Feel Better Classes support cancer patients impacted by the visible and emotional effects of their diagnosis and treatment.

Bowel Cancer New Zealand – funding a bowel cancer specialist nurse to provide information to those affected by bowel cancer, and will also facilitate access to counselling, physio, remedial massage, accommodation, and travel support for those undergoing bowel cancer treatment.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand (PCFNZ) – funding Prost-FIT. Prost-FIT is an exercise programme designed specifically for men who have had, or are having, ongoing treatment for prostate cancer. Dry July will become an integral partner in providing funding support for the Prost-FIT program.

“Last year we had an incredible 8,000+ Kiwis go dry and raised $1.2 million for New Zealanders affected by cancer. We hope we can encourage even more people to get involved this year.”

You can sign up to Dry July at and choose to go dry for 31 days or have a Dry(ish) July and choose 14 or 21 days.